Check Browser Headers

Your Browser Information

A list of the headers sent by your web browser
IP Address3.239.4.127 ( Locate this IP Your IP address tells a website where to send the response to your requests for pages and files
Note: IP address is a not a browser header
User AgentCCBot/2.0 ( probably unknown version unknown running on unknownYour web browser identifies itself in order that websites can display content that works with your software
Browser RequestGET /tools/check-browser-headers from request (for this page) that produced the headers. The is composed of the request method (usually GET or POST), the host ( and the requested URI (/online-tools/check-browser-headers).
Referrer Knowing the last page you visited enables site owners to troubleshoot and maintain their websites, as well as find out information about how people use their sites
Accepted Language(s)
  • en-US
  • en
  • q=0.5
By telling websites which languages you understand, they have the opportunity to provide you content in that language
Accepted media types
  • text/html
  • application/xhtml+xml
  • application/xml
  • q=0.9
  • */*
  • q=0.8
Your browser only understands a limited range of different files, and sending this header helps sites know which file types to offer you
Accepted encodinggzip Some browsers support encoding that can allow for features like compressed content that speed up the browsing experience
Remote port46202Your browser typically connects to port 80 on web servers to request data, and supplies a (random) local port to receive the data
Connection TypecloseYour web browser is most likely configured to use a persistent connection to web servers you connect to (this is intended to make browsing faster).
Cache Controlmax-age=259200Your browser uses caching to speed up internet browsing