Learn philosophy from...a joke book

Philosophy is probably my second most common reading material. But yes, Sartre is terrifically boring. And one of my objections to Sartre's brand of existentialism is summed up by the following joke:

Dimitri: I have to admit, Tasso, sometimes I wish I were more like you.
Tasso: But you can be! Existentially speaking, you are a totally self-originated being! You are who you create!
Dimitri: That's terrific! Because I always wanted to be as tall as you.

If that raises a smile, then you're likely to be as big a fan as me of Plato and a Platypus Walk into a Bar a fantastic idea for a book by two people I've never heard of (Thomas Cathcart and Daniel Klein). The basic idea is a series of jokes with a philosophical bent, punctuated by astute philosophical comment. The authors even managed to throw in a bit of Plato-esque dialogue.

I thoroughly recommend it for seasoned readers of philosophy who are tired of dry-as-sawdust logic-based pontificating, or are perhaps as sick of existentialists as I am. It also makes a pretty good introduction to philosophy for those who think they might be interested. And let's face it, no-one should have to read Hegel these days

I'm sure you can locate a copy if you search for the title on your favourite search engine (oh, alright, Google it). I picked up a copy in a (gasp!) mainstream bookstore, in amongst the glorified self help crap they feel constitutes a philosophical treatise these days. I'll leave you with another joke:

Norman began to hyperventilate when he saw the doctor. "I'm sure I've got liver disease."
"That's ridiculous," said the doctor: "You'd never know if you had liver disease. There's no discomfort of any kind."
"Exactly!" said Norman. "Those are my precise symptoms."

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