Google Crawling from China?

Most people involved in organic search in one way or another will know that Google's crawling infrastructure is located in the US. I came across a somewhat odd counter-example today. One tool on this site shows a user's IP address. I sometimes use this as a quick check of a Googlebot IP - since I can see the IP crawled from in the text snippet. Checking this out today, I came across an unusual IP in the snippet, which geo-locates to China:

Breaking Google with advanced search operators

Or: What is it with all of the weird Google Books/YouTube results?

If you're an advanced SEO or have an interest in search engines, then you're more than likely well-acquainted with the various advanced search operators, from getting site-specific results from site: and link: searches, to finding relationships between words with the tilde, or even querying particular parts of the index with operators like intitle:

Rel="canonical" - does it actually fix duplicate content issues?

All of the major search engines recently agreed on an element to address the problems webmasters experience related to duplicate content. I feel their pain, and while I dislike proprietary features (since they don't address the underlying problem) it seems like it might be a useful tool in certain circumstances.

Certainly, there are times when duplicates are present, and either cannot or will not be fixed (for various reasons). If we can move some of the burden from developers and onto others tasked with SEO, then that can't be a bad thing.

Javascript and Search Engine Spiders

Historically, javascript has been 'hidden' from search engines; their spiders did not understand javascript and could not interpret even the most basic of javascript code.

All of the major search engines seek to be able to understand a web page as well as a human visitor could. But for an index of billions of individual pages, human interaction is an impossibility. This is why search engines make algorithms. More recently, the forward-thinking search engines have been trying harder to understand javascript.