The handy-dandy Amazon wishlist exporter

Want to view your wish list outside of Amazon? Don't want to have to tediously click through pages of products to get the information you want? You're in the right place! This tool will allow you to download a CSV, spreadsheet or PDF version of your wishlist, copy the whole thing to your clipboard or print it off.

Note: if your list spans many pages, the tool may take several minutes to complete. If you're concerned about privacy, rest assured that I do not store or log your wishlist information in any form. As of 30th April 2015, the tool also uses SSL for added security.

2017-08-01 - due to recent changes at, most US lists will only return one page of results or will fail altogether. I'm working on a fix. Feedback, cries of despair or words of encouragement welcome!

Wish list details

Enter your (shared) Amazon wish list URL below.

Why use this?

Amazon's wishlist feature is very handy, particularly given how broad their product range is. Unfortunately, the interface is not the best, particularly for those with lots of items. I was asked by a friend how they could get their wishlist into a spreadsheet and this service was born. It's completely free to use, no information about you or your items is stored and your list is processed instantly and without registration.

With this tool, you can get your wishlist in a number of easily accessible formats:

Show/hide data columns

Build the data you need using the show/hide columns button in the top right. Note: some columns are hidden by default.

Print-friendly wishlists

You can export your wishlist to PDF format to easily print your list of items without any unnecessarily clutter. You can also instantly view a printer-friendly version to print directly from this page. Helpful if you want to give your list to someone who prefers reading offline!


You can export to CSV and Excel formats - perfect for storing your wishlists, checking what's there, or exporting/importing to other services.


For books, ISBNs are included in the output (ASIN will show for other products). If you've stored your research texts in a wishlist, you can now get them out again!

Other information

Exported data also includes product reviews, prices and any comments you have added to your wishlist.

Questions or comments? Found a bug? Get in touch. Found this helpful? Why not buy me a book? :)

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