This is the personal site of Andy Langton, a web development/online marketing guy, musician, writer and sarcastic pedant from the UK.


Over the years, I've provided online marketing consultancy services (with a focus on SEO) to a wide range of companies - from local small businesses, to UK national newspapers and international ecommerce websites. I'm a firm believer in web standards, accessibility and usability, and I take an interest in anything that helps sites achieve their true potential.

I currently work full time as Director of an SEO Consultancy (SEO[Thing]). If you're after consulting or have a commercial project, that's your first port of call.


At the moment I live in Bedfordshire with my extremely cute son William. I sing and play guitar in a three-piece alternative/rock/blues/something-or-other band. You can catch us playing gigs in London if you know where to look.

Around the web

I contribute to a number of sites online in various guises. In recent months I've spent a fair amount of time over at WebmasterWorld where I moderate the Google and keyword forums. You can see my recent posts via my profile page. I'm not really into online social networking so I'm afraid you won't find me on any of those sites.

About andylangton.co.uk

The site began in late 2001 when I started working in SEO/online marketing. I never really liked the "My name is Andy and here are photos of my pets" type of personal homepage, so I decided to try to make everything as useful as possible, mostly by republishing free tools that were available online. Why not have a laugh at my expense over at The Internet Archive?

Hopefully it has evolved somewhat since then! The current (2007) incarnation is about the first that's almost entirely self-written from the (ahem) design to all of the behind-the-scenes stuff. I mainly use the site to test technology, although every now and then I get round to writing something for it.

Site Use/License

The entire site (andylangton.co.uk) is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License (summary)