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This is the personal website of Andy Langton, and mostly about the techy stuff I do. Here for business? My company website is

You'll occasionally find me on Twitter and I maintain LinkedIn profile.

Recently, I decided that I hate colour, but I like responsive design. Hence it all looks a bit plain. But try resizing your browser to see the magic happen!

PS, for those of you wondering (yes, I know you're out there), "where did all the games go?", free games are here.

What's happening?

This season is always a busy time, although I've been thinking of the gym, the Association of Independent Tour Operators and thinking about water supplies and outsourcing ;).

Contact Me

Questions or comments? They're all welcome, so send them over to me. If you're after online marketing services or paid consultancy, I work full time specialising in SEO and related disciplines for the rather excellent SEO company, SEO[Thing]. For free advice, try WebmasterWorld, one of the oldest marketing forums on the web, where I moderate discussions on Google SEO.